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M.O.C.E.believes that there are two ways to remember a moment in your life, that is if it was really bad or if it was Extremely Enjoyable. 

M.O.C.E can only GUARANTEE an Exciting, Fun Loving, Breath Taking, Memorable and Satisfactory experience at any event. Effective Entertainment is the key to having a successful event and it gives us great pleasure to own a "Master key" as the Master of Ceremony of choice.

Below are actual comments made by Clients & Associates, at specific events that was hosted.

Read and Enjoy.

Damian & Nicole Williams

Thanks to Mark our evening was superb. Our wedding was his first "gig" outside of hosting staff function and we could tell that he had a talent for it. Although the PA system was not perfect he was able to create an atmosphere that seemed perfect as he improvised and made it look easy. We had an unforgettable evening thanks to Mark.

Amoy and Oneil Reid

Mark did a fabulous job at my wedding reception. He contributed significantly to the my special day and cannot thank him enough for doing a job well done. Thank you Mark

Kerri & Merrick Green

"OMG............When the evening seemed to be going the wrong shoot taking longer than expected, the seating arrangements not organized, the serving of food not structured, the series of events were unplanned.........but Mark made everything disappear as if it never existed. He organized, structured, planned and executed a spontaneous evening. I wonder who will host his wedding.........hmmmmmmmmmmmm?"

Kareen Hemmings- Snr Human Relations Specialist @ Vistaprint

"I have witnessed Mark being the Master of Ceremony for at least 6 corperate events and he only gets better at what he does. Especially at our Retro Staff Event, the crowd was amazed to see Mark appeared as a different character. He was dressed in a 1973 outfit, red shoes, red suspenders, white bobby socks,a huge three colored matching bowtie, a large bright orange "Grip" and to top it off a red tamberine........The outfit said it all as he could just stand there the entire night and say nothing and we would still enjoy every moment. This guy never fails to amuse his audience".

Kevan Stewart- JaWedding DJ

"With years of experience in the entertainment industry, providing audio/ visual, DJ/ VJ services, I have seen many persons in this field but never anyone to compare with Mark Hamilton, the raw and creative talent he possesses makes his job look easy. I have worked with Mark in numerous events and each time seems to a be a surprise as he "Wows" his audience, getting them involved. He definately enjoys his job....... Keep up the good job......".

Nakassa & Lucrecia Martin

"It was almost as if Mark knew everyone at the event as he interacted with the audience. He relates so well with activities of the evening and made everything simple enjoyable. He definately stands by his slogan "Make It An Unforgettable Moment." The entire day will never be forgotten. Thanks"

Evette & Marlon Mellers

"I have known Mark to always be jovial with great personality and to see him combine the two and provide his services to one of the most important day in our lives, we have no regrets, and will cherish memories of this day".

Stacy & Lee

"Lee Jon and I want to tell you thank you for doing such an amazing job at our wedding at Tryall. We had an amazing time and our guests thought you made the night extra special (we keep hearing compliments on how great the MC was). It was so hard to believe you only met us two days before for 15 minutes". "All the best to you and thank you once again for contributing to our special day".

O'Neisha Brown Event Planner

"Where do I start......? His professionalism, charisma and his authentic ability to capture the attention of persons around him. I didn't miss a second of how he entertains everyone. Would I recommend him again...YES.. Will I use his services again.....YES, ALWAYS........What is there not to love....Pleasing my clients is my number one priority and Mark's contribution is always welcomed as it speaks volume".

DJ Paul

I operate out of Negril and been in the music industry for over 10 years, but never came across such raw talent. This is a simple guy who loves his job and I would recommend him to anyone in the world......

Richard & Kharla

Mark was the host for my sister's wedding last year August 2010 and I proposed to my beautiful bride, and we booked Mark for his services the very day and we have no regrets as his way of entertaining and hosting has gone thru the roof in a positive direction. He had all our friends and family enjoying themselves. What a wonderful moment, never to forget. He is officially apart our family now and will be hosting marriages to come for our family.......

Eric & Moniqua

Where should we was a great evening thanks to Mark. His interaction with everyone and humor made it a spectacular moment.

Dennis & LaSonia

I am convinced that I know Mark from another life. His personality is so warm and he illustrates passion for what he is doing. Thanks Mark

Aulaina & Sean Chue

It is hard to use words to describe how happy we were to use MOCE services as Mark was able to get our guests involved in our reception which made us feel loved. I was impressed with my husband's reply and to know that Mark provided some guidance and consultation with his expertise, infact, he is providing some consultation services on some business practices currently. Our special day was made extra special at our reception. Thanks alot Mark.

Lecia & Samuel

When everything seems to be going wrong.....Mark saves the day. He was so organized, proactive and creative throughout the reception that he turned a troublesome evening of the DJ being late, Mark commenced & turned it into a beautiful and memorable moment. He accomplished his task and I am 100% satisfied....All my future events/ promotions, will be done be Mark without a doubt......Samuel and I, appreciate your patience and services.

Damion & Nadia

We were pleased with the service Mark provided, and there we were, worrying how to make it a better event than last year. The very moment Mark conducted his first interview, it was like clock-work, everything fell into place and he reassured us that all we need to do is just tell him what we want and he will execute it....It was an awesome night, and now, I am worried about next year's event, if we are going to be able to do something better. Wow.....the staff members are still excited about it, the activities for the evening were hilarious, breath taking, mind blowing, persons were on the floor with laughter....Thanks for everything,I hope he knows that he is booked for our events for the rest of his life......

Hugh & Michelle

Mark was spiritually connected to us throughout the entire event, he amplified and recognized how important mentioning the power of God in our lives. The way he articulated his words and the passion he had providing his service was overwhelming. To top it all off, his closing remarks was done from the heart as he didn't bother to read what he had...that is priceless....

Kesha & Robert

I just want to say thank you for a job well done!!! I gave you very little information to work with but you did an impressive job. My guests were well entertained and wanted to know where I found you.

Anthony & Donette with Sadeki(Event Planner)

Terrence & Ashley Bonner

Amazing.....Spectacular.....Fun.......Mark did a wonderful job at our wedding reception. He recognized & complimented the friends and family that attended from all over the world. He made our day special...thank you Mark Anthony....

DJ Couga & DJ Damane

DJ Couga: I have experienced the service Mark provides and had to recommend him for other events,so I introduced him to DJ Damane of Irie Jams Entertainment and I am not at all disappointed. Every event is different and he adapts to each event as if he planned it himself. DJ Damane: I am pleased with the services Mark provides, he liaised with the Wedding Planner to clarify the activities and format of the event. He also was proactive in communicating with the bridal party and couple to make sure things are in order. He knows what he is doing and he will definitely be a MC that I will use again, infact,before the night ended,I booked him for a wedding in 3 weeks.

Damien & Queira

Amazing service....Mark was so receptive to our needs/ request and made sure we had fun. He even communicated with us using his Jamaican dialect "Yah Mon" He was very interactive with our guests.What made the evening special is that my grandmother was not able to make it due to illness and Mark spontaneously prayed a special prayer for her recovery...tears fell from our eyes....thank you Mark....

Lawrence & Nicola Ellis

I don't know where to start. Mark showed great interest in what we wanted and insisted to conduct an interview on the very location of our wedding ,just to know our plans. Infact it was more of a friendly chat between us. On our day, he comfortably conducted our reception; he would ocassionally reach out to us to confirm that we are ok or if we needed anything changed. Thank you so much.

Gregory & Monique Presbury

Great job Mark. We wanted to make sure that my family/ guests got involved at the reception and we had no idea what Mark was going to do to make that happen, but when he showed his other skill, as a DJ, he played some retro songs, Al Green, Percy Sledge, Teddy P, Etta James, in no time he had our guests on the dance he had my own guests entertain us.......WOW.....Thank you Mark for a wonderful evening.....

Nikki & Adam Greenberg

RUI Negril- For the entire eveing we felt confident and comfortable how the evening was controlled by Mark as he worked in-sync with the DJ. Mark was easy to communicate with as details and some changes were necessary to the program, and he executed each task well. He made us feel relaxed and used his cultural statements to make my family & friends feel we were all Jamaicans... IRIE MON....!!!! YEAH MON......!!!! Thank you again Mark.

Michael & Shauna Blackwood- April 20th 2013- Grand Palladium

It was an awesome day. Mark Anthony expressed his emotions with some good advise and turned what could have been a sad day in an exciting and happy day. Thank you Mark Anthony.

Kenneth & Carolyn Millard

An evening well spent. Thanks Mark

Stephane & Karina Kreotch

Lady Hamilton-Grand Palladium 5.15.13

Danice & James

It was like we knew each other before now. Mark was spectacular, he was so involved in ensuring my friends and family were all comfortable. He got my guest so involved in different activities that made things more enjoyable. It was a wonderful moment....thank you Mark Anthony.......

Geoffrey & Dainelle 5.26.13

Mark had everything under control, he reassured me that he will make it a fun evening and it was. There were some hiccups and instances I thought things were not going great and surprisingly Mark went the extra mile, he was seen helping the caterers to serve my guests, and that made everyone happy, that is an unusual service provided by a MC. He checked in with my guests to ensure they were all satisfied and we loved how he was able to make suggestions during the reception to have a smooth flow....Thank you Mark. 5.26.13

Aaron & Jenny 6.17.13

What an awesome night. Thanks Mark Anthony

Tia & Karim 6.21.13

We only spoke to Mark for 2 minutes over the phone and the rest was history. His services was on point, he interacted with my guests and made sure that we were alright during the entire event. Thank you.

Debra & Orion 8.23.13

Amazing.......Mark provided his mc services but was also able to provide us with photos that he took of the event. He was there as if he was the "paid" photographer....this is the personal touch that he expresses to provide comfort to his clients. Although I had a small guest list, the reception was fun and memorable.... Thank you so much Mark.....!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr & Mrs O'Reggio

November 20,2013 As a perfectionist, everythign had to be on parr with my expectations and I am not at all surprised of how my reception was hosted by Mark as he executed his talent perfectly. He made immediate acquaintances with my family during this short period you would think they have met many years ago. People may think hosting an event is easy, but to capture everyone's attention at the same time, making them listen to what you are saying, and at the same time be articulate when making people laugh and have fun, is a gift. Mark created a special session for me and my guest by playing some of the oldest but effective love songs by legendary artists such as Percy Sledge, Teddy P, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, my parents, uncles, aunts, friends were all on the dance was like a magical moment and thigns were going in slow motion....Mark, thank you for a great evening......

Franciene Foster

Mark has been the host of Bridal Dreams Jamaica for the second year now and what a wonderful personality. we couldnt have asked for more. He's so easy to work with and very accommodative. He provided assistance in the planning of the event and supported with implimenting our goals. He is responsible for the NearlyWed Game Show, the questions, suggested the coordination, etc. He is an important asset to Bridal Dreams Jamaica and we want to let him know we appreciate his services. Thank you so much Mark and we look forward to having you next year for Bridal Dreams Jamaica 2015

Dionne Waugh Managing Director Bridal Dreams (Event Planner) Everald Waugh- Managing Director Island Pictures Jamaica (Videographer)

We met Mark the first time at an Expo he hosted 3 years ago and immediately his personality, appeal & passion for hosting was visible. He has, for the second time, hosted the Bridal Dreams Jamaica,2013 & 2014, and is already booked to host 2015 Bridal Dreams Jamaica. He is so easy to work with, provides suggestions and ideas, very helpful. Mark's personality is exceptional, when videoing events, he interracts with everyone, gets others involved, creates an exciting atmosphere. It's like you anticipate a burst of fun when he takes the microphone, you just dont know what to expect, mysterious but powerful.....I am looking forward to working alongside Mark at events. Great talent.

DJ Shem from Linkz FM

Mark provided his services to my friend's wedding. As a DJ, I have seen it all, met experienced personalities, interact with them, but Mark was different; he wasn't a radio or tv personality, he is just a simple down to earth person, who knows how to capture the attention of an audience. Throughout the wedding reception he not only got the guest involved, but he also ensured that everyone enjoyed themselves. This guy has some natural talent, and with that said, we have created a collaboration to have him host all my Corporate Functions that I provide my dj services for. With this team, we guarantee 100% satisfaction to our clients. I really appreciated how he represented at my best friend's wedding...well done sir.....!!!!!

Derval & Roxanne Rose

You were referred to us by a good friend and we have no regrets as you represented us well. My wife and I enjoyed every comment and most of all the activities were enjoyed by us and our guests.

Mr. & Mrs. Johnson

Mark Hamilton u did an excellent job. You are da best!!!!!!!

Mark Anthony was recommended to me by a good friend. He delivered a spectacular job as the MC, my friends and family were on the edge of their seats....excited...laughter...what a wonderful evening, thanks to the MC.

Shantal & Junior Morris

Awesome job at my wedding. Very nice person indeed. Mark took pictures as a wedding gift to us and also provided MC services. My guests enjoyed every moment as he got them involved.

Leo & Alicia

Mr. & Mrs. Brown

On behalf of my wife and I, I want to thank Mark Moce Hamilton and DJ Shem for doing an awesome job at our wedding reception on Oct 24. It was a job well done, our guests had fun and most importantly we the bride and groom had funnnnnnnnn!!!!!! Big up to the Dynamic duo. Keep up the good works guys. God bless.

Karim & D'Ana Ellis

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for MC-ing our wedding. You and DJ Shem did an amazing job in making our day more memorable. You were both very flexible and continuously followed up with us before and even after our big day. Thanks for your support and we will definitely be recommending you guys to everyone we know smile emoticon. Thanks again!!

Stacy & Omar Ferguson

Known Mark for over 5 years, worked with him at previous employment and it has always been a delight being in his company. His natural ability to make anyone around him happy is appealing. So having him to host my wedding was a MUST and he didn't disappoint at all. My family and friends are still talking about him even after 2 months of my wedding. Thanks Mark

Shemoi Leach(DJShem) & Davena Leach

Mark is a special character. I have been in entertainment for over 10 years now and I have never seen such natural talent in one person before. We recently collaborated to provide our services to events and Mark has been the life of the party. He interacts with audience, he is spontaneous and seems to always create an atmosphere of fun. Although I have seen his work many times, he pulled out something completely new for my wedding. He obviously loves what he does. Very professional, even with friends. Number 1 MC.

Andre & D'Andra Walters

I want to say a BIG thank you for doing an awesome job at my wedding reception, it was VERY entertaining,innovative and inspirational; everyone was asking where did I find you?. You were more than an MC, you ensure everyone was seated, food is ready, the guests are okay etc. You love what you do and it shows...You are "The MC" and I would recommend you to anyone. God Bless! Thank you once more. Mr and Mrs Andre Walters

Kevin & Suzette Irving- November 20, 2016

Mark, Mark, Mark....WoW words aren't enough to describe or express entirely what it is that you do, you are so much more than a master of ceremony to all your brides and I was so much more than entertained by you, you went above and beyond the call of duty and I can honestly say you made not only me and my husband feel special and at ease on our special day but our guests also were truly captured and delighted..."Entertainment to another level". I wish we could do it over and over again and not change a thing. I raise a glass to you Mark Moce Anthony keep doing what you do so well and big up to #DjShem who also rock the house.

Anthonette Cohal- Wedding Planner for Beautiful Creations

He is simply an Exceptional & Professional MC. He knows what he is doing and when he is an my events, I am comfortable and I know my clients will be satisfied.

Chris & Trisanne Hugh December 3rd, 2016

After having a few persons recommend Mark, it was without a doubt that we knew who our Mc would be. He advised us on how to make things easy and cost effective and constantly checked in to see how things were going. He even paid us a home visit when our appointment to meet got canceled. Our day was epic and though we had our glitches Mark took control and ably delivered. We even had people asking, "yow, a weh unnu find da bredda ya?!"..... Choosing MOCE was one of the best decisions we made. Thanks Mark for a job well done!!

Ange & Maurice December 31, 2016

Oh Wow....!!!!!!

Extremely grateful for the work that Mark did on our wedding day. Things were upside down, we were so upset and discouraged with a series of negative events..... We paid Mark to be a MC, however, he went the extra mile.... He comforted us and reassured us that things will turn out good, to us, it was not possible, until we witnessed Mark serving wine and water to all our guests, monitoring the buffet line, ensuring the flow of dinner was smooth...OMG....amazing....

There was a 180 degree turn around on everything... this guy made our the end of the evening we remembered nothing but fun & laughter.... We appreciate everything you have done...... Happy New Year


The Nolans- Wharf House Reading

Hiring you for my wedding was one of the best decisions I made. I still die laughing at the memorable moments you created for me and my guests. I will share one of these days...anniversary in 2 days.

Damion Austin, JP, Marriage Officiant

Its amazing how we joined forces.

Mariah Carey

I want to know what love is

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