An element that many couples over look is the Master of Ceremony (MC). Why do they even exist? An MC is very beneficial at a wedding; or any other event. The Master of Ceremony is kind of like the stage manager in a play. The only difference is that an MC is also one of the actors. Let’s take a look at how beneficial an MC is for an event:

1) The MC makes sure that everything goes smoothly and timely at an event. They coordinate, direct, and announce all of the reception proceedings- (bridal party, meals, cutting of the cake, ending thank you, etc.)

2)A great MC makes sure that everyone is in their places before any announcements; coordinating with everyone (ex. making sure the photographers are prepared to capture special moments.)

3)Entertaining and interacting with your guest; usually with humor.

4)Eliminates awkward pauses where the hosts and guests don’t know what is happening or what to do next.

5) Removes stress from the couple; who should be enjoying their day.