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My name is Mark Anthony Hamilton, born July 25th, 1980, a proud Montegonian. I attended Catherine Hall Primary School, passed my Common Entrance and went on to Cornwall College. I joined the Track & Field team in 3rd form, my life change as I became an asset to the team. I participated in the National Event, Boys Champs and other major events, represented school and country in Philadelphia Penn Relays 2 consecutive years.

I was so caught up with Track & Field that I neglected my academics and with great disappointment, as I left school achieving nothing but the title of "The Fast Boy". I didn't achieve the desired level of academics and expectations, but I had ambition, I had a passion to make a difference, against all odds, so I decided to attend evening institutes for 3 years while I worked. My mother was my source of support and motivation, love and compassion; I was focused on achieving something, didn't know what it was yet, but didn't give up. In the 3 years I acquired 6 Subjects which included 1 distinction and 1 credit.

At this time I had gained so much work experience and the thrill of making my own money, I started to move up the ladder with job opportunities, becoming a Supervisor/ Trainer, managing groups, coordinating strategies to increase revenue. I was a quick learner as I was determined to prove myself with the RAW talent I possessed. Whatever department I was placed in, I adjusted and provided exceptional work. From organizations to organizations, each one teaching and widening my knowledge, exposing me to diverse levels of life. The journey was hard, but the end result was all worth it. Many discouragements, multiple disappointments, some defeats, at times broken. But I am happy for that because it allows me to appreciate things more, as failure represents the fact that attempts were made and with all this, there were lessons learnt. I may not have large sums of money in my bank account, but I am grateful and content.

ALL gave me added knowledge and experience of how to become an excellent Entrepreneur. I learnt the skills of providing exceptional customer service with quality products, developed outstanding people skills, how to communicate, train, motivate, appreciate, etc. I am involved with programs to assist youths to develop higher self-esteem, developing their young minds to create a positive environment around them and to be more productive. Hence, what I do now.

I give ALL honor to God for his provision and protection throughout my life. For giving me the mind to keep positive and optimistic, and to never "throw in the towel"

I have a passion for entertaining others, and strongly believe that an event must be filled with fun and excitement. I didn't get the chance to further my studies by going to University, but God has granted me the opportunity to use what I was given, to provide for my family and my needs. Nothing is wrong with getting an education, however, I took the "leap of faith" and ventured into an industry that needed just who I am.

I got married in 2012, to a wonderful woman and her 2 beautiful daughters, became a biological father 2 years later and I am dedicated to my family and they are my added motivation.

Great support come from fellow Entrepreneurs, Photographers, Planners, Musicians, Venue Owners, etc, who applaud my talent and often require my services when a client needs it. Referrals, are a major factor in my field of work, that is why I am passionate about what I do and ensure that I execute it to the best of my ability.

I am also a musician: keyboard and drums, all from the foundation of growing up in the church (and still in the church). I believe God has a plan for me and he is not done with me yet.

I have also developed a passion for Photography, Mark Anthony Photography, as I have always admired how photos can create such wonderful memories and capture special moments. You can view pictures on the Mark Anthony Photography page.

I am the proud owner of this business, being a professional MC with the zeal to become the best. "I love my job and because of that, I have never felt I have worked a day in my life"