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Finding the right MC who can host your event is very important. We will be responsible for keeping the crowd entertained and engaged, among many other things. M.O.C.E encourages a consultation session with you to properly point out all the expectations and suggestions to make the event magical. 

The name “Master of Ceremonies” epitomizes the talent of a MC. We are highly skilled in managing the entertainment as a host at a variety of events. We keep your event going in the desired direction, establish a tone and vibe for the event, and provide a feeling of involvement. The larger the number of guests, the more important the services of a MC become. A DJ alone often cannot give the crowd the attention that it needs and will need an MC to assist them.

There are several duties of an MC, some more obvious than others:

- Behind the scenes, the MC should be planning with you.

- Throughout the event they will make announcements or an introduction, making sure that each person has the perfect grand entrance.

- They may also tell the guests specific instructions or information about the venue, increasing safety.

- Events run on a tightly timed schedule. The MC will keep the event on schedule by making announcements at specific times and creating smooth transitions.

- Last, and perhaps most importantly, they keep the atmosphere thriving. The MC will keep the crowd engaged by interacting with them, and they may even tell stories to keep them entertained.

M.O.C.E's concept and intention is to ensure everyone enjoys themselves at the event.

We take pride in endorsing our tagline “Make It An Unforgettable Moment”

Don't under-estimate the power of a having professional MC for your event...